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Recent advancements in the manufacturing process of roofing supplies have led to a broad variety of options for builders. We have metal roofs that look like clay; we have shingles that look like metal. There are recycled tire products, roof tiles that can also be used for patios. Your imagination really is all that is limiting you.

We like to focus on the "green" side of roofing material products - ones that consider the future of our environment. If we can take some waste and making it into something useful and better then current standards - that is ideal. Often over looked is insulation in your roof, explore some of our suppliers web sites and see how proper insulation and venting in your roof and attic area can not only save you money but give you more life in your roof. Reduce ice damming, cleaning of gutters snow build up all with new innovative products designed to protect the environment and you pocket book.


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In addition to our other suppliers we offer Castle's full product line, including Roofing Supplies.