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Siding and Paint

We have siding, there is a lot of "bad" siding products out there and you can be reassured that CDS will not carry any of those. We take a lot of pride in bringing you the best products on the market. We have everything from cement siding boards to cultured stone.

One of the newest innovative products is our line of mortarless brick and stone. Designed to save you money in time and labour mortarless brick can be installed in almost any conditions in a fraction of the time it take to put up traditional brick. As well want to improve the look of you business or home with cultured stone? Do it you self the quickest and easiest way possible with our mortarless stone products.

We can teach you in minutes and you can do it like the pros. Explore our supplies and see what you think change some colours around and make something custom that you can be proud to put up and say "I did that".


Castle Building Centres

In addition to our other suppliers we offer Castle's full product line, including Siding & Paint Supplies.